SOS’s unique understanding and experience of rail, road, PPP, social housing major infrastructure projects and social procurement network, create a unique and meaningful, social licence and creating shared value delivery model.

Our passion and focus supports collaboration, inclusion and diversity through co-design using all key stakeholders and community consultation.

By identifying gaps and creating opportunity, SOS will ensure we support capability and scalability, to drive, implement and deliver, legacy outcomes equally across all Social Procurement Framework target sectors

  • - Social Impact, social licence and creating shared value strategies
  • - Social procurement sourcing & implementation
  • - Optimising Local Jobs First (MPSG) and the Victorian Industry Participation Plan (VIPP)
  • - Developing socially innovative and sustainable pre and post tender responses
  • - Identifying and managing risk for all stakeholders
  • - Identifying social procurement spends
  • - Identifying developing triple boom line outcomes
  • - Collaborative social supply chain solutions.
  • - Social Enterprises
  • - Aboriginal Businesses
  • - Maori & Pacifica Businesses
  • - Disability Enterprises
  • - Training and employment providers
  • - Environmental and sustainability enterprises
  • - SME –Locally manufactured products and services
  • - Universities and Tafes


SOS addresses and aligns all relevant local, national and international, social, cultural, environment and sustainability policies and agreements.

Policies include, but are not limited to:

  • - The Social Procurement Framework
  • - Aboriginal Procurement policy
  • - Sustainability, waste, recycling and circular economy policies
  • - Major Project Skills Guarantee, Local Jobs First , Industry Participation Policies
  • - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


SOS will help you to align and deliver sustainable products, services and social, cultural or environmental solutions for your business, within Australia or internationally.

SOS will work symbiotically with your business and community, to deliver innovative, sustainable, social and environmental circular economy solutions.